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"It not only safeguards the patient, but provides the entire surgical team with the assurance that no surgical sponge has been left behind."
Dr. M. Ali Khan
Surgeon, President of Medical Staff,
Prince George's Hospital Center

The RF Surgical Detection System is the preferred solution in more than 2,500 operating rooms, trauma and labor and delivery suites nationwide including many
US News & World Report "Honor Roll" hospitals. Learn More

RF Detection Technology

used in largest prospective study evaluating
effectiveness of adjunct technology in retained
surgical sponge retrieval

On July 9, 2012, University of North Carolina published the largest prospective study to evaluate the effectiveness of adjunct technology in tracking surgical sponges. The RF Detection System was used in 2,285 surgical cases to detect retained sponges.

RF Detection Technology resolves a near miss event and paves the way for identifying risk factors for miscounts. Learn more about the study published in the Journal of American College of Surgeons. Learn More

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Why we're different: RF Surgical Detection Technology uses a low energy radio frequency signal capable of locating misplaced surgical items fitted with an RF tag prior to wound closure through blood, dense tissue, bone and performs well near metals. Learn More