Our Story

RF Surgical understands what a hospital needs because that's where we started.

A firsthand understanding of the problems and risks inherent in tracking surgical disposables during operative cases gave rise to an idea that resulted in the RF Surgical Detection System™. Co-founder and Chairman of RF Surgical Systems, Dr. Jeffrey Port, faced numerous operative cases where sponge counts were incorrect. He witnessed the frustrating, costly and time-consuming events that followed as the OR staff worked to locate missing sponges and reconcile surgical counts.

Over the next ten years, Dr. Port and co-founder William Blair worked together to develop groundbreaking patient safety technology. A detection system that would alert the OR team of the presence of any surgical sponges unintentionally left in patients undergoing surgery. This system allows the technology to be cost-effectively applied to all types of surgical disposables including those used in minimally invasive procedures. With an exceptionally accurate sponge detection rate and range, the RF Surgical Detection System brings an added layer of patient safety to the OR.

Today, RF Surgical Systems is the market leader in retained surgical sponge detection with more hospitals in service than any other competing technology. The RF Surgical Detection System is the preferred solution in more than 2,500 Operating Rooms, Trauma and L&D suites nationwide.

RF Surgical Systems, Inc. is a medical device company with headquarters in Bellevue, Washington and engineering R & D facilities in San Diego, California. The advanced technologies used in the RF Surgical Detection System are protected by U.S. patents. Regulatory clearance to market the system was granted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in November of 2006.