Despite rigorous counting protocols, as well as medical society-driven awareness efforts, surgical sponges are still unintentionally left inside patients after wound closure. And despite their use, X-rays do not provide definitive proof against sponge retention.1

the problem of retained surgical sponges

Visually searching for missing sponges lengthens procedure time, increases the risk of infection and exposes the patient to prolonged anesthesia.4

  • Miscounts occur in 1 out of every 150 procedures5
  • Average added OR time per miscount: 20 minutes6
  • Average cost of OR time: $62 per minute6
  • Average cost of an X-ray to address sponge miscounts: $286-$7057,8

Retained sponges result in costly re-operative expenses, legal battles and a compromised hospital reputation. For more information, go to Healthcare Economics.


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