it's not just detection,
it's prevention


RF Assure is a patented, proprietary technology developed to overcome the difficulty of finding a surgical sponge in-vivo and in the surrounding operating room.


RF Assure Detection Technology employs detection devices to transmit reliable, non-ionizing, low frequency radio waves to detect tagged cotton disposables. When the tagged cotton is stimulated by the device’s signal, it transmits its own signal back to the detector, identifying its presence. It’s the reliable communication between the detector and the tag that enables the quick and effective resolution of missing sponges.


RF Assure Detection Technology has three unique features that make it the only complete solution for the OR.

Low Energy Radio Frequency

Unlike conventional RFID technologies, low frequency maintains its signal strength through dense tissue, blood, bone, and near metal, making it an optimal solution for in-vivo detection.

Environmental Compatibility

RF Assure Detection Technology is designed to filter electrical noise found in the OR suite, ensuring reliable communication between the detector and tagged-cotton.

Design Scalability

RF Assure’s proprietary signal- processing method provides highly effective long-range detection in and through the body allowing scalability into designs that seamlessly integrate into OR workflow.

RF Assure® detection technology delivers:

Patient Safety

  • Minimizes the risk of retained surgical sponges for optimum safety and quality of care
  • Protects patients and OR staff from retained sponges during high-risk surgical procedures

Essential efficiency

  • Reduces unnecessary X-rays as well as OR procedure delays associated with rectifying incorrect sponge counts

Cost Effectiveness

  • Improves efficiency among the staff and reduces costly X-rays and time spent searching for missing sponges
  • Prevents repeat procedures, costly legal settlements and reimbursement losses associated with retained surgical sponges
  • Clinically proven to provide cost savings (OR time, X-rays) and cost avoidance (legal & reimbursement expenses) at a rate of 3.13 times implementation costs1

Proven Performance

Compliance and credibility

  • Adheres to AORN, JCAHO and American College of Surgeons' recommended practices
  • Reinforces your reputation within the community for advancing patient safety
  • Distinguishes your hospital as a provider of leading-edge detection technology


  1. Williams TL, Tung DK, Steelman VM, Chang PK, Szekendi MK, Retained Surgical Sponges: Findings from Incident Reports and a Cost-Benefit Analysis of Radiofrequency Technology, Journal of the American College of Surgeons, 2014, doi: 10.1016/j.jamcollsurg.2014.03.052.